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ticketshala.com has made the online flight ticket booking system easier than ever with convenient payment system. We offer competitive price for domestic and International flights from Dhaka. Search your required flight using our smart search option from the website. Select the best offer as per your preferred air lines. Full flight itinerary can be viewed from the search result. Beside most of the air ports of Bangladesh, we also cover popular destinations of the world.

Contact our friendly support team who are just a phone call away and let us know your requirement. As we are connected with International flight service provider we might have the option to offer you an affordable price according to you requirements. We server flight tickets not only from Dhaka, it could be from any airport to any airport of the world. Read More

Domestic Flights from Dhaka:

- Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar – Dhaka flight – BDT 8,999
- Dhaka – Sylhet – Dhaka flight – BDT 4,999
- Dhaka – Chittagong – Dhaka flight – BDT 5,999
- Dhaka – Jessore – Dhaka flight – BDT 5,400
- Dhaka – Saidpur Dhaka – BDT 5,400

International flight from Dhaka:

- Dhaka – Kathmandu – Dhaka – BDT 14,999
- Dhaka – Kuala Lumpur – Dhaka – BDT 16,500
- Dhaka – Chennai – Dhaka – BDT 19,999
- Dhaka – Kolkata – Dhaka – BDT 9,500
- Dhaka – Bangkok – Dhaka – BDT 22, 990


Terms & Conditions:

- Above packages are all promotional offer
- Please contact us for the availability and the updated price
- Offer must be availed within 3 months of booking
- ticketshala.com reserves the right to discontinue any of the above offered package and to change the price

If you require a custom package, please contact us (Call: 09 666 77 00 66) to check if we can offer you an attractive deal.