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ticketshala.com Launching Press Release

ticketshala.com Pioneers Online Ticket and Travel Purchasing in Bangladesh

New website brings the convenience of e-commerce to Bangladesh’s growing travel industry

DHAKA – A new Bangladesh website is bringing the exciting world of e-commerce to the country’s burgeoning travel industry. With the recent launch of www.ticketshala.com, travelers all across Bangladesh now have a fast, convenient, and secure way to purchase tickets for domestic and international flights, tour packages, hotels, transportation services, and a variety of events. In addition, ticketshala.com will also provide extra services such as Travel Advisories, Visa Services, and Call Center Support.

ticketshala.com Chief Operating Officer Scott Brennan believes the time has come for this kind of technological step forward in the Bangladesh travel industry.

“This is very exciting because ticketshala.com is the first of its kind in Bangladesh,” Brennan said. “We’re seeing more and more people travel both within the country as well as abroad and now the people have a tool that makes planning and booking those trips easier than ever before.”

Created to provide Bangladesh with its first secure, all-in-one digital ticketing platform, ticketshala.com will offer users the best available deals on travel, transportation and events throughout the country and around the world. eCommerce has become the standard for purchasing travel, goods and services around the world and ticketshala.com wants to bring that convenience and reliability to Bangladesh.

ticketshala.com CEO Kish Parvez is confident that people will love the convenience and ease-of-use the website provides.

“ticketshala.com is providing for the very first time a truly comprehensive ticketing service that can be accessed from Internet-connected digital devices of all kinds. Never again will you have to leave your house and stand in long lines to purchase tickets for travel or events,” he said.

Parvez believes what makes ticketshala.com unique is that if offers the best of both worlds in online convenience with exceptional personalized customer service.

“Even though we are an online based company, you can still talk to us before buying products or services from us,” he said. “In many cases, once you buy a product online, that's where the service ends. But with ticketshala.com, we are available throughout your trip.”

According to a Goldman Sachs report, Bangaldesh has been identified as one of the 11 biggest emerging markets in the world. Brennan believes this is just one of the reasons we’re seeing a new era of travel within the country.

“There’s a great travel awakening happening in Bangladesh as people look to explore the beautiful scenery and attractions the country has to offer. Whether it’s the sandy beaches of Cox’s Bazar or the lush green tea producing region in Sylhet, there is so much to do and see here,” he said.

ticketshala.com strives to be a comprehensive travel information destination with recommendations for the best travel package deals as well as regular articles of things to do and the best attractions and hotels within the various regions of Bangladesh. ticketshala.com is your premier online destination for amazing last minute deals. View your transaction in your local currency enjoy the exceptional customer service that comes with dealing with travel professionals with knowledge and hospitality.

ticketshala.com Marketing Manager Ali Noor Emon stated that, “whether it’s for a family vacation, business travel, a group of friends going out for a night at the movies or even a student looking to get away during study breaks, at ticketshala.com, we believe life should be an adventure”!

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