Travel advises

Cautionary advises while travelling

* Always carry contact details when travelling in distant areas, for assistance.

* Carry enough money preferably having a mix of cash and credit card, spread them in multiply  places/bags to avoid risk of losing all your money if pick pocketed or or lost. 

* Remember to carry travel essentials such as toiletries, medical kit etc. especially if travelling to far destinations such as mountain trails or exotic beaches where accommodations may not have all essentials available

* For going on hikes, remember to know the area, otherwise have a guide accompany you, wear appropriate hiking gear, carry enough food/water, bug repellents, medical supplies etc. Remember also to bring a map, check the weather forecast, never panic and know your physical limitations! It is important to be adventurous but to also be safe. 

* If you are going to the beach, but do not know swimming, you may still enjoy the various water sports such as parasailing, canoeing etc. just remember to wear a life jacket.

* Before planning a trip to a foreign destination always be sure to check the security status of the country/destinations. You do not want to be caught in the middle of a dangerous conflict!

Be safe and enjoy!